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Virtual trainer Scott Herman was the victim of a road rage attack Thursday, July 28, which led to a high-speed chase and the arrest of three individuals.


“Two men came into my vehicle and tried their best to taunt me to come outside and fight them,” Herman said. “I was in my 2011 Toyota Scion xB, which is wrapped with my name, logo and photo so I believe I was targeted.”

Two men, Dean Bidgood and Michael Leavitt, both 21 and both of Atkinson, MA — face multiple charges from the incident, including simple assault. A third man, Michael Smith, 21, of Salem, was not involved in the alleged assault and is charged with possession of marijuana.

Early Friday morning at approximately 2 a.m., Herman was driving home when he drove up to three men who began gesturing to him. One of the men called him a derogatory name and Herman said he realized he didn't know them.

"In two seconds, they had both my car doors open," he said. "I told them to leave me alone. I was calm."

Herman said he closed his door, but one of the men, whom he identified as Bidgood, was in the passenger's seat, trying to kick him.

That's when Herman said he could have reacted violently. But, he said, he didn't.

"I kept my cool," he said.

Bidgood taunted him and asked him whether he was going to call 911, Herman said. He decided that was a good idea.

As he did so, Bidgood and Leavitt ran behind his car. He locked the doors, put the car in reverse, noted their license plate number and drove past them. The men took off in the truck and Herman, on the phone with a police dispatcher, followed them.

"I think people need to see even if you're being attacked, you need to do the right thing," Herman said. "The situation could have been crazy both ways. But you don't need to resort to violence."

Herman said Smith was not involved in the alleged attack. He was simply "in the wrong place at the right time," he said.

Herman has said he was bullied as a child and that's what led him to the fitness world. It's also what prompted him to speak out for the LGBT community.

"You've got to lead by example in this world and that's what I want to do," Herman said.

Herman, a former star of MTV's reality show "The Real World — Brooklyn" is actively involved in anti-bullying campaigns with the LGBT community and believes good can come from this experience.

“I believe that in my plight for anti-bullying, a situation such as this will only help me get my message out to other victims of bullying that doing the right thing and having the courage to do it is what will make you a better person.”





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