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lbs burger


If you’re looking for something different than the usual meal on the Strip, head out to Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa for a hearty burger at LBS Burger Joint. Although it’s a bit of a drive from the heart of the city, our meal at LBS Burger Joint proved worth every mile.

Offering well-made, organic burgers, LBS is all about tasty, hefty patties without hormones or preservatives. If you don’t know any better you’ll probably want to start with an appetizer because that’s what you normally do, right? Sure, the Fried Cheesekurds are yummy, but completely unnecessary because this place is all about the burger, excuse me…BURGER!

Having the audacity to name one of its hamburgers The Perfect Burger, I just had to try it for myself. Let’s just say they’re not lying or fooling around when it comes to this BURGER. Pound for pound this is the best burger you’re going to find anywhere. The Perfect Burger is 21-day dry-aged Hereford beef served on a sweet egg bun with Gruyere cheese, herb mayo smoked bacon, LBS burger sauce (ketchup with a sweet barbecue sauce), frisée oven roasted tomato and red onion marmalade. Delicious! In fact, the herbed shoestring fries on the side are almost overkill.

We also tried the tasty Smokehouse burger, served with white cheddar, BBQ sauce, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion rings and pickle, but after the Perfect Burger it just fell a tad short. We should have tried that Smokehouse first but who knew?

lbs burger

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa
11011 Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89135

lbs burger

Don’t fool around at LBS Burger Joint, sit down and get yourself the Perfect Burger. The restaurant offers beer pairings with their burgers and in true bigger-is-better fashion they recommend the 25oz Tripel Karmeliet which is a frosty, blond ale that’s robust, smooth and fruity three-grain top fermented beer. Nice touch.

lbs burger

Dessert seemed over the top until I noticed the Black & White Shake with Van Gogh espresso vodka. Genius! You won’t find a better shake in all of Nevada.





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