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A favorite up north in and around Seattle, Blue C Sushi, inspired by the Tokyo subway system, has come to Hollywood (in the Arclight complex no less) and is serving savory sushi via conveyor belt. The innovative sushi restaurant is on a mission to deliver a healthy approach to Japanese dining. They like to say your dining experience is built on Blue C Sushi’s pledge of nutrition, value and genuine hospitality, underscored by a diverse and approachable menu that evolves, yet stays seasonally fresh. Each dish reflects traditional Japanese flare with a whimsical Western approach.

And while, for the most part, you’ll be picking up your small plates and sushi yourself off a conveyor belt, hospitality and service are still paramount at Blue C Sushi. If at any time you need immediate attention, their blue light system will send over a server right away, just like on an airplane when you press the “call” button.

Another high tech feature that ensures you’re eating only the freshest sushi is their proprietary digital tracking technology that lets them monitor every item on the delivery belt, which determines how long it’s been on display and alerts the chefs when it’s time to refresh. Additionally, the staff is alerted when a particular menu item is in high demand, allowing them to react quickly to guests’ needs. “Goodness in motion” is more than their motto; it is part of their culture.

During our recent visit for dinner, we started by pulling some sushi favorites off the conveyor belt. There are six types of colored plates, which determine how much each item is. Prices vary from $2.50 a plate to $6 per item.

We started with the signature Blue C Roll, a wonderful mix of spicy crab and scallion wrapped in rice and nori, sliced tuna, tobiko and shiso on the roll. Another favorite was the Tuna BLT Roll, which features bacon in sushi—you gotta love that!

Looking for nice and fresh Nigiri items, we opted for the Mackerel and Yellowtail and loved them. As the sushi started flowing, it was time for the sake to do likewise. And let me tell you, Sake Flights really take off at Blue C Sushi. Sake Flights are available in four different options and feature a sampling of three different types of Sake, from earthy to fruity, to light and delicate, or dry and crisp.

There’s the Classic and Bold flight for $12, which includes Hakutsuru Superior, Ozeki Karatanba, and Kikusui. The Refreshing and Soft is $14 and includes Asabiraki Nama Chozo, Kubota Senju, and Ippin Junmai Ginjo. The Sophisticated and Savory is $16 and features Tamano Hikari, Yatsushika Junmai Daiginjo, and Suigei Tokubetsu Junmai. And finally, the Elegant and Robust flight is $20 and includes Ken Junmai Daiginjo, Karen Coy Sake, and Tamanohikari.

If you’re like me, you like sake but don’t know too much about it, at least not to choose one brand over the other (all I do know is that Demon Slayer is my absolute favorite). Trust in your server to steer you in the right direction. If you’re looking for a cocktail, The Yuzu Old Fashioned made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, muddled orange, sugar cube, and yuzu bitters is one mean, stiff drink.

And definitely opt for the Blue C Signature Offerings. The Loaded Baked Potato with Japanese potato salad gunkan, bacon, cheddar cheese, caviar, sour cream, chives and bonito is wonderfully tasty. The Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice is always a must have. This one features crispy seasoned sushi rice and spicy Tahitian yellowfin tuna with jalapeño, micro cilantro, habañero masago, and pepper soy. Other unique and tasty treats include the Tuna Tostada—Tahitian yellowfin tuna, cabbage, peppers, red onion, and tomatoes on a crispy wonton shell, finished with spicy sauce and olive oil—and Seasonal White Fish with hot oil. The Smoked Yellowtail Tacos with its own take on guacamole and a light and crisp out shell is very nice and out of the ordinary.

Other Chef’s specialties include Raw Bar items, such as Black Tiger Shrimp, King Crab, Live Scallop, and Oysters. These go for market price and are based upon availability. I wasn’t a fan of the live scallop, but I think that’s a required taste and is different from most sushi selections I’ve ever had. But the other items were light, fresh and so succulent. Another option is to choose the Chef Sashimi and Sushi combos if you want to let the chef pick out your meal for you.

Whether you stop by before or after a movie at the Arclight, or you’re just coming for sushi and drinks, Blue C Sushi offers a comforting and relaxed environment where you can start eating as soon as you sit down. One word of advice, if you see something on the conveyor belt that you like, grab it, otherwise you run the risk of someone else taking it from you, which we learned the hard way. Lookout for a new location opening soon in Newport Beach.

Sushi. Sake. Success.

Blue C Sushi is located at 6374 W. Sunset Blvd. Hours: Sun-Thurs 11:30am to 11pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am to 12am. Call 323-391-2241.

By: Jose Martinez.

Some Photography courtesy of: Blue C Sushi













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