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In my travels, I have met a great warrior doing God’s work just 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. His name is Allan Espinoza, a U.S. Army veteran and co-founder and pastor of God Provides Ministry. Together with his wife and fellow founder Bell Lucas, they dedicate their time to feeding the homeless. They work long hours, six-days-a-week to provide those less fortunate with good, quality, healthy food—with the donations of local grocery stores, produce houses, and food warehouses.

Every morning, they roll out in older model trucks and pick up donated food, which they bring back to their warehouse in South El Monte and redistribute it via their “pantries partners,” “associated kitchens,” “free lunch program” and their “family pack program.” This last program provides 100 pounds of healthy food to feed a family, including: cheese, meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, bread, milk, eggs, and other foods.


They do not turn anyone away; if you stop by and say you are hungry, you will walk away with a free, healthy meal. God Provides aids the homeless and veterans, and works with shelters, churches and any other organization that needs assistance. They also work with, Vet Hunters, God Provides Veterans Outreach, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Native American Veterans Association,and various other organizations. It is a non-denomination faith base working ministry providing food to families in need.

Allan serves as Commander for the Native American Costanoan Rumsen Tribe and is a warrior with a heart of gold, just take a few minutes to watch his video where he describes how they feed so many with so little funding.

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Today, my mission is to help raise funds for God Provides Food Bank. They need fuel in their trucks and an upgrade to their freezer. I have seen firsthand, on many occasions, how this place, made up of 95% volunteers, operates. They just build those “family packs” with respect and passion for the families that drive from all around the Los Angeles area to visit this great place doing God’s work. Let’s support this great cause today, donate now @

View Full 18 Minute Video - Click Here

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